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Does Agile need an update?

Agile’s been around for 20 years+ and it has evolved well beyond the Agile Manifesto’s software-centric world.

Many of us see teams struggle with ever more complex forms (think SAFe!) and non-software applications. Alistair Cockburn (a signatory of the Agile Manifesto) and Joshua Kerievsky, both experienced coaches, speakers, and authors are trying to refocus Agile to its core while opening it up to applications beyond software development.

Kerievsky introduces „Modern Agile“ in this Infoq article stating that „It’s time to send our distinguished, historically important but now antiquated processes and practices into an honorable retirement.“ If you want to hear it from the master himself, here’s also the 2016 Agile Singapore keynote.

Cockburn does not want to rewrite the Agile Manifesto but rather address attitudes and behaviours with his „Heart of Agile“ approach. See him explain it in person in this talk at the IT University in Copenhagen.

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