Digitalization Requires a Strategy

Every major business undertaking requires a strategy, Digitalization is no different. Strategies have an impact on different levels from corporate to functional.

With our well-structured and tool-driven approach, your departmental or functional strategies can be developed in a matter of days.


Well-Defined Outcomes are Key to the Success of Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are at the core of an executable strategy. They address the delta between strategic ambition and current organisational reality.

Measurable outcomes are a key element of well-formed strategic initiatives. Our Outcomes Workshop and -Tool support the formulation of clear and impactful outcome statements.


OKRs Make Outcomes Actionable

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are used by the world’s most successful companies to achieve desired outcomes in a focused and aligned fashion.

go3consulting’s OKR trainings, workshops, and -tools are tailored to your needs and ensure the successful adoption of OKRs in your organization.

Our collaboration with gtmhub delivers enterprise-grade OKR transparency and -scalability supported by world-class software.

Agile Working Models Accelerate Outcomes

OKRs focus an organisation’s execution. To reap the full benefits of OKRs, your working models may need to become more Agile.

With our popular Waterfall 2 Agile (W2A) workshop format we implement basic Agile structures in a matter of hours and identify opportunities for further pragmatic working model improvements.


We Are Here to Support You

We provide the tools, the structure, and coaching to guide you through the process. Our engagement model of ‚workshops and pit stops‘ aims at enabling your teams.

Our upcoming blended consulting platform Ockham+ with downloadable tools, learning bites, method videos, and online coaching will be there for you 24/7.

Our Teams are Pros

We work on a project basis and, depending on the knowledge or experience required, employ permanent and freelance employees. All of them have real company experience in start-ups (partly as founders), medium-sized companies, or corporations.

Weekend Reading – Your Product Needs a Strategy

A well-formed product strategy is a beacon that guides navigation in the open space between product vision and what’s being developed. It needs to be flexible to account for the unavoidable uncertainties along the way and not deteriorate into a rigid plan or roadmap.

Weekend Reading – Shift Left with Opportunity Mapping

Dear all, are we going after the right priorities when it comes to delivering IT projects or digital products? Coaching teams regularly, I remain doubtful. The underlying challenge – to my mind – is often the lack of a clear intention (the WHY) and a rather narrow...

Weekend Reading – McKinsey Advice: Reinvent Organizations for Speed

Dear all, this issue of weekend reading could save you tons of money. If you are following the US news, you may have read about the "COVID discount rates" that a management consultancy successfully sold to the US government for their advice in the pandemic. Times are...

Weekend Reading – Transcend the Agile Feature Factory Mindset!

Dear all, some of you know that I am prone to railing against committee-prioritized feature lists for software projects, in particular when to be developed by supposedly ‘self-organizing’ agile teams. The situation usually improves somewhat when we can make the...

Weekend Reading – Make OKRs – Not Redundancies!

Dear all, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are spreading like wildfire. Someone just called them the 2nd most influential movement in the Palo Alto hills after ‚Love and Peace‘. Or something to the effect. And for good reason. In our pandemic world many businesses’...

Weekend Reading – A Large Company is not a Bigger Version of a Startup

Dear all, some of you know that I am a pretty big fan of Steve Blank’s, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and one of the founders of the Lean Startup movement. He's recently been interviewed by Martin Reeves, Managing Director of BCG's Henderson Institute. Even though the...

Weekend Reading – Who, What, Why: User Stories tell it all

Dear all, My apologies I am late this week. Projects taking more time than originally planned. You’ve probably been there… On my subject for the weekend: Working with multiple teams, I get to look at a reasonable number of backlogs. Everybody refers to their content...

Weekend Reading – Diverse Companies Produce 19% More Revenue

Dear all, recent tragic events in the US, as well as the outrage and subsequent discussions triggered by them, should have brought it home to us that equality and diversity are still an issue in our society and businesses. As father of two daughters in their early...

Weekend Reading – PIXAR: Collective Creativity over Individual Ideas

Some managers are retreating in the current uncertainty: hierarchical leadership styles are re-emerging, desires to painstakingly project-plan increasing – recipes of an industrial past for an even more VUCA (and digital!) world ahead. I would like to promote a different model driven by the power of a shared vision, the creativity of teams of peers, and the impact of blameless post mortems to promote organizational learning.

Weekend Reading – LeSS may Have More to it

Dear all, as we currently support three client projects in more or less (no pun intended) scaling agile environments, I did recently familiarise myself with LeSS – Large Scale Scrum – again. And I was baffled once more by its mind blowing simplicity and consequence....

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  • Startups, Siemens, Sagem, TH Rosenheim
  • Strategy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Innovation

Godehard Gerling, M.A.

Managing Partner

  • FU Berlin / Stanford University
  • Apple, Dell, Akamai, Siemens, Startups
  • Strategy, Product Management, Innovation

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