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I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

At the start of every new year (and with CES in Las Vegas on) every self-respecting tech magazine, blog, and pundit are publishing their predictions for the new year. Funky stuff ranging from “Tesla’s Cybertruck will definitively NOT ship this year” to “Apple to finally unveil their augmented reality eyewear”!
To save you time, I have sifted through the plethora of predictions and chosen three posts that I deem worth sharing among professionals:

COMPTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2020
worth scrolling down beyond the list of top trends and readingthrough the topical paragraphs.Click to read!
Predictions For 2020’s Most Impactful Tech Trends

Forbes’ Tech Council members share their diverse personal insights.

Click to read!

2020 Technology Industry Outlook
Deloitte’s summary takes a decidedly corporate view. Download the PDF for references and sources!Click to read!

Let’s compare notes at the end of the year (will Apple ship glasses after all or won’t they?)!

Have a great weekend,