Dear all,

those of you who have been working with me for a while, know about my passion for software simplicity (and my secret desire to become Product Manager for Word and Outlook with the sole intention of slashing their bloat down to something focused and useful).

Crisis is a great time to rethink and simplify. With foreseeably shrinking budgets, there seems no better occasion to consider „killing“ some features in our software projects.

Here’s three reads that offer advice on how to take these critical decisions and create something that’s focused on users, does the one or two things it is intended for well, while becoming more usable, fast, and stable:

Kill your darlings how, why, and when to cut product features

by Katryna Balboni. A comprehensive view on deciding what and how to cut.

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What Does Feature Creep Look Like?

Des Traynor’s view on how to identify which features are being adopted and which ones have no traction.

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What Makes a Great App?

from the SAVVY blog. While focused on mobile apps, this article sums up what it takes!

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Speaking of products that solve a key problem with style and simplicity: here’s the Zoom suit!

Have a laugh and a good weekend,