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the Agile Manifesto is turning 20 shortly and it seems everything has become/is in the process of finally turning agile these days. Agile has undoubtedly changed the way we work. And for the better.

Still, the Agile of the original Manifesto is limited in its scope and has become more stretched with everything new it has been applied to – beyond the software projects core it originated from.

Product strategy, scaling, a loose concept of business value, leadership … to just name a few of the issues. Frameworks like SAFe, LESS, and others have sought to address them with different concepts, while only discussing the underlying issues to an extent. At the same time “Heart of Agile” and “Modern Agile” have sought to rejuvenate the spirit of the original Manifesto (see my earlier WR here).

The Agile2 Manifesto is the result of a ‚retrospective‘ held by a worldwide group of accomplished practitioners and coaches. It replaces the contrapuntal Spirit of the original Manifesto with the distilled experience from decades of Agile practice.

Agile2 does not offer easy-to-implement concepts but phrases the learnings from decades of practice pointedly – plus offers great reasoning behind the V 2.0 Agile principles. Plus the greatest learning of them all: there is not one answer, ‘It depends.’.

As Cliff Berg, one of the minds behind Agile2 recently replied to me: ‚We feel that the simplicity of the [original] Agile Manifesto is its greatest flaw. Simplicity is appealing but dangerous – it can lead to maxims and rules, rather than thinking. …‘

Not that Agile2 would solve everything. But it clearly spells out many of the learnings and principles that we apply in our engagements as consultants.

But see for yourself! Here are three links to get you started:

Agile2 – the Core Principles

From the Agile2 web site

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Agile2 – in a Nutshell

Again from the Agile2 site

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Why we Created Agile2 –

Cliff Berg’s LinkedIn post explains the reasoning behind the creation of Agile2

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