Dear all,

The week is almost over – too bad, so is almost half of my vacation…
Therefore I‘d like to keep it short.
My first and really short item is an insightful list that was shared in a recent tweet by Medium blogger John Cutler (I do recommend reading his articles in Hacker Noon!) about behaviours that feel like going faster v behaviours that actually make faster (copied below).
The other is this year’s edition of the 300-odd slide internet report by Silicon Valley legend, analyst, and VC Mary Meeker, who has been chronicling internet trends since as early as 1995 (back issues of the report available via the same link):
This year‘s insights I found (among other) particularly interesting:
– Chinese – and Asian at large business- and payment model trends (that we may fail to recognize from our European vantage point)
– The rise of small screen video in communication
– The surprising success of ‚freemium‘ business models
– The wearable boom
Kind regards from sunny Pomerania,