Dear all,

Between business calls this AM, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. In between the usual topics from how we are coping in our home offices to our motorbikes, we chatted about the situation of our respective companies in the current crisis.

I could unfortunately not confirm his flattering assumption that with our expertise in innovation and digitalisation we should be inundated with calls. While we are doing quite OK, many companies seem just to be looking for ways to survive by hunkering down, preserving cash, and hoping that everything will be “back to normal” a year from now.

Based on the shared observations of people’s behaviors changing around us, my friend and I agreed that this was unlikely to happen and that firms rather started creating new products or better business models.

Receiver back on the hook – just kidding! – barely having tapped the red button to end the call, CB Insight’s interesting report on 7 great thinker’s innovation frameworks popped up in my in-basket. I added one of my favorite innovation books (incidentally also the basis for our “Innovation Compass”) and 6 proof points to make your weekend:

7 Innovation Frameworks To Navigate Disruption: Apple, Netflix, Amazon, & More

CB Insight’s collection of frameworks from Clayton Christensen to Ed Catmull

Click to view!

Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs

Larry Keeley’s groundbreaking book based on the analysis of more than 2000 successful innovations

Click to view!

6 Iconic Companies That Succeeded During a Recession

Inc.’s tale of six companies that were either founded or remade themselves during a massive recession

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Long weekend – longer reads this time. Enjoy!

Have a great holiday weekend,