Dear all,

Planning! It’s that time of the year again when planning turns into serious business…

This weekend I have selected three articles to provide you with ideas how to avoid impact-free corporate planning rituals:

Renowned strategist Rita Gunther McGrath suggests going back to pen and paper and focus on outcomes, drivers, leading indicators, and workstreams. Find out more in her HBR article.

Eventbrite’s former Head of Global Revenue Strategy, Nels Gilbreth, and AirBnB’s Lenny Rachitsky muse how to coordinate large numbers of people to drive collective impact. The resulting „W“ planning framework in my opinion fuses well with OKRs!

Former Procter & Gamble Chief A. G. Lafley teamed up with some distinguished academics to finally bring science to the art of strategy. The outcome almost reads like the corporate version of a Lean Startup approach.

Hope you don’t have to work your numbers and initiatives this weekend!

Pls. note: There will be no „Weekend Reading“ next week due to the German national holiday (I’ll be occupied with hiking and Lagrein Riservas 😊 ). Judging from the reviews, Rita Gunther McGrath’s new book „Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen“ should fill in nicely.