Dear all,

are you as tired as me reading, hearing, watching Covid-19-stuff every day? Actually, I was so tired of it yesterday that I went offline for half a day and took a hike up one of the smaller mountains around here with my wife and Moritz, our Weimador.

Back down I found more emails about new challenges with work organisation now that the lockdown will gradually be lifted. 

How will we work in offices while keeping six feet distance at the same time? Will we need to take turns in the office or work in shifts? How will we conduct our planned team workshops? Will wearing masks be good enough? What can we continue to do remotely?

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are starting to develop some workable MVPs. Let me share some of our inspirations:

Gensler Design and real estate company Cushman Wakefield

have developed some concepts for workplace redesign with Covid-19 in mind:

Click to read (Gensler)!

Click to read (Cushman)!

Surveying managers, communication remains one of the biggest challenges,

maybe even more with the upcoming mixed-mode models. Management coach Sabina Nawaz shares some of her recent learnings:

Click to read!

With increased uncertainty, we will need agile working models more than ever.

What does it take to make remote Agile work? Think Agile’s Bevan Williams shares some thoughts:

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Whatever it takes, we’ll figure it out together. Until then, we’ll have more meetings than ever before from our home offices!

Stay safe and have a great spring weekend,