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IT innovation requires APIs for everything.

On my way back from a workshop with the internal Product Managers of a multi-national corporation’s IT organization, I was thinking about the daunting complexity of their job. Managing literally hundreds of applications for a globally distributed multi-line business with a growing need for digital support…

Here are a few reads on managing IT complexity by designing and using APIs to allow for a gatekeeper-free networking of data and applications:

Democratization of innovation with application networks
a CDnet interview with Salesforce’s Ross Mason.
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Want to innovate like Amazon? Here’s their formula
Scott Brinker’s notes from a presentation by Dirk Didascalou at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit.
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10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Services
Amazon CTO Werner Vogel’s blog post. Almost a classic by now.
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Hope you don’t mind me sending this week’s “Weekend Reading” somewhat early as I head back on the road for an anniversary…

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