Dear all,

preparing for the keynote at one of our clients’ “Leadership Day” this week, I came to realize that leadership is ever more important in our VUCA world.

For that reason I’d like to share three inspiring TED talks on different aspects of leadership with you:

Former general Stanley McChrystal talks about the challenges of leadership in a world where we often have to rely on electronic communications to lead our dispersed organisations.

After researching leadership for more than 25 years, Boston Consulting Group’s Roselinde Torres explains the three most important questions an aspiring leader needs to answer in order to be successful.

People who have worked with me know that I am a big fan of her work on presentation structures: Nancy Duarte shares the secret sauce for impactful presentations using two examples from Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King.

Last but not least, here is the skeleton of my presentation on leadership, minus the exemplary stories about Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, and – inevitably – Steve Jobs.

Enjoy this weekend’s summer redux!