Dear all,

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a great tool to improve alignment and effectiveness of organisations in a transparent and self-organising fashion.

This weekend I’d like to share learnings from real world OKR implementations:

In their discussion at the 2017 Goal Summit, John Doerr (who is largely credited with starting the OKR movement by introducing OKRs as a management tool to Google) and tax software company Intuit’s CIO Atticus Tysen review Tysen’s experiences when introducing Objectives and Key Results to Intuit’s global IT organisation.

Hubertus Bessau and Murakamy’s Marco Alberti deliberate (in German!) the OKR implementation at MyMuesli, a company of much smaller scale and different maturity.

Atlantic Magazine’s Derek Thompson’s conversation with – once again – John Doerr addresses broader aspects of leadership and OKRs. Very insightful and thought provoking!

Happy binge-watching (I usually set playback speed to 1.5x to save time!) and sunny weekend!