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with increasing digitization during the last decade the importance of product management continues to rise. Recent surveys report a growing number of CPO (Chief Product Officer) positions in enterprises.

This general trend is reflected in many of our clients, both in externally facing Product Management positions as well as in „internal“ product management-type roles in IT departments.

Developing pro-active product strategies and actively facilitating communication between users/ customers, departments, and functions are two of the key drivers of Product Management’s success.

„Even as respondents reported spending only 27% of their time on strategic activities, they believe they
should be spending 53% of their time on them.“ (Pragmatic Marketing, 2020)
“The product manager role is one of the most cross-functional in the organization. …78% of product managers who viewed improving collaboration internally as one of their top three roles, experienced low product failure rates.“ (Gartner, 2019).

Find out more about current Product Management trends in the following three surveys: 

The State of Product Leadership 2020 Edition
priorities and perspectives of product teams in the US, Canada, the UK, France,

and Germany corroborated by Pendo + Product Collective.

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2019 Product Management Insights Report
by Alpha and the team behind the “This is Product Manage-ment” interview podcasts with PM thought leaders.

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The Pragmatic Institute
2019 Annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey

– profiles of today’s professio-nals as well as insights into their day-to-day pains and gains.

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