Dear all,

My apologies! Once again, I am late. At a client’s site this week, I was working in person (applying appropriate precautions, obviously!) with two teams on their strategies and OKRs using our Practical Strategy Framework.

Them being truly awesome teams, we managed to come up with a strategic focus for both, creating team business models, inspiring mission statements, prioritised initiatives, and OKRs in the few days that we were able to work together. Great results.

On my way back today, I thought about the challenges to turning these workshop results into impact now.

 Classic management skills (think: process orientation, implementation efficiency, short term result focus, …) probably won’t suffice, as initiatives and OKRs are just a starting point in a learning and improvement journey. It will take leadership to make the mission happen.

But what exactly is “leadership”, in particular “agile leadership”? Here are some thoughts:

What is an Agile Leader?

In Henrik Kniberg’s view, leadership’s main job is the creation of alignment around vision/mission, strategy, improvement, people, …
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Evolution of the AgileManager

Ron Eringa describes the evolution of the Agile Manager from “Director” to “Leader” in five stages

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5 aims for an Agile Leader 

Jay Alphey explains that you need a leader when you have scaled beyond one simple team and comes up with 5 aims for agile leadership

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Leadership is a topic I am very interested in as I am convinced that it really makes a difference in creating outcomes.

So, if you find any interesting insights or thoughts on – in particular agile – leadership that you believe are worth sharing, pls. don’t hesitate to mail them to me! Thx.

Have a great weekend,