Dear all,

recently I was watching yet another late night talk show (the benefits of extended home office!) discussing the current crisis.

As part of the conversation, the host asked the Bavarian state premier, who was video-conferenced in, which methods and heuristics he applied to making his potentially highly consequential decisions. While the premier offered a surprisingly open and credible account of his individual process, I started to wonder how I was actually taking my business decisions in the current context and if I could do better.

Here are three articles that I found helpful:

A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisions

– Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman explains how strategic decisions are like job candidates and why a structured decision making approach delivers better outcomes.

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Defensive Decision Making: What IS Best vs. What LOOKS Best

– Rory Sutherland highlights the pitfalls of falling for defensible decisions.

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16 cognitive biases that can kill your decision making

– Mike Pinder discusses 16 common decision making biases and how to de-bias yourself and your team.

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If you are getting bored in your lockdown, here are the back issues of “Weekend Reading”.

Stay safe and continue to flatten the curve!

All the best,