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some of you know that I am prone to railing against committee-prioritized feature lists for software projects, in particular when to be developed by supposedly ‘self-organizing’ agile teams.

The situation usually improves somewhat when we can make the transition to product-based IT management and start to gauge ‚business value‘ against what’s implied by an agreed product vision. In particular when the product vision is developed and guarded by a Product Owner or – even better – a Product Manager who is able to discuss value in business terms.

‚Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.‘ This first agile principle unfortunately leaves ‚value‘ wide-open for interpretation. But what if we were able to define and agree ‚valuable business outcomes’ more concretely than even in a product vision?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) provides a framework for just that. Here’s how OKRs can focus agile teams on achieving valuable business outcomes:

Agile Goal Setting with OKR – 

Felipe Castro discusses what’s wrong with conventional agile goal setting and how to fix it with OKRs

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Transcend the “Feature Factory” Mindset

Again Felipe Castro on howModern Agile and OKRs complement each other in transcending the ‘feature factory mindset’
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How-to supercharge agile teams and process using OKRs – 

how OKRs can be a natural addition to an agile software development teams‘ process – from the Klipfolio blog

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Back to achieving my ambitious KRs for Ockham+ (our upcoming ‘blended consulting’ platform – just in case you are curious).

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