Dear all,

As mentioned recently, we are seeing our clients increasingly move to a „product-oriented“ IT model, often in conjunction with the introduction of some form of Agile working models.

The recent 2020 update of the Scrum Guide states it clearly: „A product is a vehicle to deliver value. It has a clear boundary, known stakeholders, well-defined users, or customers.“

A product-oriented model means becoming more intentional about delivering maximum value to users and other stakeholders at any point in the lifecycle.

Agile development processes were conceived as a consequence of elaborate implementation plans frequently failing – among others – due to the stakeholders’ inability to rationalize the most valuable requirements upfront.

Product Discovery evolved as a practice in parallel with agile delivery models. It is about developing and continuously expanding a profound understanding of stakeholders, and using that knowledge to build the most valuable increments. Product discovery plays a key role in helping decide which features to prioritize and build.

Three links to introductory Product Discovery resources for this weekend:

What is Product Discovery?

A brief introduction from ProductPlan’s glossary

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A step-by-step guide for conducting better product discovery

By Martin Felcman; delivering on the title’s promise
Click to view!

6 Guiding Principles for Effective Product Discovery

Key insights – by leading PD coach Teresa Torres

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Next week we will have a look at which problems to tackle with a product at all, introducing Job-to-be-Done theory and how to practically apply it.

Have a great weekend!