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In the current transition from “Projects” to “Agile Delivery” that we perceive even in our large corporate customers’ IT departments, all of a sudden a structural gap appears: While management provides the WHY in the guise of a business strategy and dev teams are turning into agile delivery power houses understanding HOW to deliver timely, a function that focuses on determining WHAT adds the most business value in the context of strategy, capabilities, and customer needs/wants seems to be awkwardly missing.

Enter the Product Manager. A fixture in Silicon Valley tech companies from the beginning, the role is now slowly conquering ROW (rest of world) and even corporate IT.

Here are three posts that highlight different aspects of Product Management:

What is the Role of a Product Manager?
Product Management Software AHA’s blog delivers a solid and somewhat classic description of the job (plus several useful links).Click to read!
How to Make Products People Love
– is a synopsis of product management legend and Silicon Valley Product Group founder Marty Cagan’s talk at the 2012 “Mind the Product” conference.Click to read!
The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Teresa Torres guides you through 20 years + of product management history; from early product requirements’ failings to continuous product discovery.

Click to read!

Hope you’ll get the hang of it. Great product managers are still as rare as unicorns!

NB There will be no Weekend Reading for at least the next weekend (hopefully for not too many) while I’ll be recovering from major surgery.

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