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As we are currently taking a few days off, I’ll keep WR very brief today (and w/o fresh .gif), but I couldn’t resist sharing this.

Amplitude’s John Cutler has put together a simple, yet brilliant, infographic on the development of product teams.

As he points out in the accompanying post, there may be good reasons for your team(s) to be anywhere in this succession, which he claims not to be a maturity model.

While John Cutler is a brilliant Product Person – I highly recommend reading his posts! –, I do beg to differ. Digital success requires either one of the lower two team setups in the diagram. With the difference being the collaboration between PM and PO as well as the coaching style of the Product Manager (to my mind).

More background here:

Empowered Product Teams

Marty Cagan convincingly argues that the future success of your company depends on this model.

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Journey to Product Teams 

John Cutler’s original post introducing the infographic above.

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Shifting into continuous delivery –

the full video of Andrew Jordan Miller’s Dallas‘ talk

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I’ll return to the pool now.

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