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Weekend Reading – 2020 Trends and Predictions

Weekend Reading – 2020 Trends and Predictions

Dear all, I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! At the start of every new year (and with CES in Las Vegas on) every self-respecting tech magazine, blog, and pundit are publishing their predictions for the new year. Funky stuff ranging from “Tesla’s...

Weekend Reading – What is Product Management?

Dear all, In the current transition from “Projects” to “Agile Delivery” that we perceive even in our large corporate customers’ IT departments, all of a sudden a structural gap appears: While management provides the WHY in the guise of a business strategy and dev...

Weekend Reading – Halloween Long Reads

Dear all, No reason to be scared of long reads! Since it’s an extended weekend for many of us, I thought I’d share some from my current reading list of with you: Seeing Around Corners by Rita Gunther McGrath Finally finished it yesterday. An inspiring and contemporary...

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