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Weekend Reading – Outcomes over Outputs?

Dear all, should we manage for Outcomes or Outputs? Doing a lot of OKR-related work recently, I see many organisations struggle so much with getting "stuff" done – creating output – that they have a hard time agreeing on how to tackle the problems that they were...

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Weekend Reading – OKRs in the Real World

Dear all, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a great tool to improve alignment and effectiveness of organisations in a transparent and self-organising fashion. This weekend I'd like to share learnings from real world OKR implementations: In their discussion at the...

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Weekend Reading – Does Agile Need an Update

Dear all,   Does Agile need an update? Agile's been around for 20 years+ and it has evolved well beyond the Agile Manifesto's software-centric world. Many of us see teams struggle with ever more complex forms (think SAFe!) and non-software applications. Alistair...

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