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Weekend Reading – Innovation Requires Enduring APIs

Dear all, IT innovation requires APIs for everything. On my way back from a workshop with the internal Product Managers of a multi-national corporation’s IT organization, I was thinking about the daunting complexity of their job. Managing literally hundreds of...

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Weekend Reading – Halloween Long Reads

Dear all, No reason to be scared of long reads! Since it’s an extended weekend for many of us, I thought I’d share some from my current reading list of with you: Seeing Around Corners by Rita Gunther McGrath Finally finished it yesterday. An inspiring and contemporary...

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12 Reasons for OKRs to Fail

We start our journey to our dreams by wanting, but we arrive by focusing, planning and learning. (Christina Wodtke) Recently discussing OKR learnings with a team of OKR coaches from a corporate client, we arrived at 12 reasons for OKRs to fail: 1. Using OKRs without a...

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