Dear all,

a night ago a Tweet from Marty Cagan popped up in my feed in between the meanwhile somewhat boring threads about how to do product discovery remotely in times of Corona etc.. It referenced a post he had written in response to Jeremiah Lee’s somewhat incendiary piece (see below) about why he, Jeremiah Lee, believed the coveted „Spotify Model“ to be a failure and why it should not ever be used to scale agile.

Whew. Having introduced derivatives of the model to a few organisations myself, I beg to differ. While we all have learned lots since Henrik Kniberg’s original post, which is btw almost 8 years old by now, Spotify’s got one thing 100% right from my perspective: empowered teams.

If Agile is not working, it usually comes down to trying to build „feature factories“ instead of taking the thorny route of developing product vision and strategy and creating an organisational framework that enables teams to deliver their best.

But read for yourself:

Scaling Agile @ Spotify

Henrik Kniberg’s & Anders Ivarsson’s original 2012 paper; just in case you have lived under a rock.

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Failed #SquadGoals

Jeremiah Lee’s post about why he deems the Spotify Model to be a failure.

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Spotify vs. FitBit

Marty Cagan’s retort on the importance of team autonomy as a critical success factor.

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Don’t get too worked up and enjoy your holiday weekend!