“The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone,– Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder and Philanthropist


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 unnoticed by most of us, AI may have taken a major step in the direction of your desk this week.

 Brad Smith, Microsoft’s Vice Chairperson and President, announced a copyright commitment for Microsoft’s Copilot services, assuring that its users will be defended by Microsoft „…if a third party sues a commercial customer for copyright infringement for using Microsoft’s Copilots or the output they generate, …, as long as the customer used the guardrails and content filters we have built into our products.“

 While Copilot Services is currently in beta and only available to 600 or so invited early-access customers, it seems that Microsoft is gearing up for a Copilot release. This would potentially bring generative AI to the approximately 1.2 billion users of MS Office worldwide (provided that they or their employers are willing to pay the $30 per month for this capability – an estimated 80%+ increase in Office’s typical license price).

 On the same day Microsoft made its announcement, Time Magazine published its „Time 100 AI“ list, which highlights the key players in the industry and recognizes their contributions to the AI revolution. The list includes many of the brilliant minds who are driving this technological advancement beyond the widely publicized figureheads Sam Altman and Geoffrey Hinton.

 I have been fascinated by this technology for almost 40 years. In fact, I built my first „expert system“ in the late 80s. However, even if you haven’t been interested in it for that long, it’s clear that AI is going to have a significant impact on the way we work in the near future. It may take a few more years to be „on every desk and in every home,“ but I am sure it will take less time than Bill Gates‘ foundational vision for the PC industry.

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