Dear all,

it’s that time again. Before I rush out for my last meeting this week, I’d like to address one of my favourite bugbears: the lack of sustainable alignment in larger organisations.

This deficit becomes especially visible when we are implementing OKRs with our clients. I am a big fan of OKRs because, well implemented, they have the potential to really focus an organisation. However, „strategic direction“ is one of the decisive factors for true OKR success. Without it, we usually end up building well-functioning, yet unaligned output factories instead of shooting for disruptive outcomes.

This week’s weekend reading therefore features two thoughtful pieces on how to deal with this dilemma:

John Cutler’s Hacker Noon „Beyond Outcomes over Outputs“ (let me again use the opportunity to suggest following his insightful blog!) plus Henrik Kniberg’s Slides from a talk at Agile Sverige on ways to align multiple teams.
The talk accompanying these slides is in Swedish, but here’s a very similar English one . Super insights into how e.g. Spotify and Lego create great products by managing strategic alignment in an agile way!

I’d like to strongly recommend this talk to you (AND your managers!).

Have a great weekend,