Dear all,

Am I the only one who’s eyes are turning square in the pandemic?

This week I could hardly stand looking at screens anymore. Working on our digital product (more on that soon), Zoom calls with clients and partners, webinars – it felt increasingly dizzying.

Fortunately my wife had even more on her plate during the last few days, so I ended up having to take more walks with Moritz, our rather agile Labrador-Weimeraner hybrid. Despite my initial anguish over losing valuable desk time, this actually improved my output a lot. I solved a conceptual problem that had been haunting me for a while, and then some – and even my vision seemed to improve.

So, I checked on scientific evidence for the benefits of walking. And, backing my personal experience, there seem to be quite a few…

But see for yourself here:

3 Scientific Links Between Taking A Walk And Your Productivity –

Suzy Frisch rationalizes why it’s better to go for a walk than yet another cup of coffee

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Stanford study finds walking improves creativity –

Stanford Researcher’s scientific evidence linking walking and a 60% increase in creativity

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Six Reasons Why Walking Is The Daily Brain Medicine We Really Need –

Forbes‘ David DiSalvo has more walking benefits to share

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Great arguments for skipping a couple of Zoom or MS-Teams sessions next week!

Have a great walking weekend (don’t forget to keep your distance from everyone else coming up with the same idea)!