Dear all,

My apologies, I am late this week. Between work on the syllabus for my new course “Strategic Business Model Innovation” that I will be teaching this fall, attending (part of) a virtual conference, and some personal errands, there was just not enough time left yesterday…

Anyway, last week I reported on the discussion between Jeremiah Lee and Marty Cagan about team autonomy, triggered by J. Lee’s post about how the Spotify model is a failure and why it should not be used.

I am – as you should know by now – a firm believer in team autonomy. Provided, that there is an overall (product) strategy. Re-viewing Henrik Kniberg’s two videos on the Spotify Engineering Culture as per 2015, they may indeed be somewhat short on that count. Still, with so many brilliant ideas about how to scale Agile effectively, the model and the culture supporting its continuous evolution can’t be that wrong. Spotify’s continuing success, despite competitors like Apple and Amazon, needs no further comment.

Five years on, the videos are absolutely worth their combined 25 minutes viewing time if you are interested in scaling agile product development. But watch for yourself:

Spotify Engineering Culture –
Part 1

Part one of the video.

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Spotify Engineering Culture –

Part two of the video.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!