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you may have noticed my recent LinkedIn post highlighting the 2015 McKinsey research result that transformations are 5.5 times more likely to succeed when everyone understands how her work relates to the overall organization’s vision.

Or, as Darden Business School’s Jeanne Liedtka puts it:
“Strategic intent provides the focus that allows individuals within an organization to marshal and leverage their energy, to focus attention, to resist distraction, and to concentrate for as long as it takes to achieve a goal.”

Organization’s often however shy away from formulating a Vision or a Mission Statement in the belief that it takes extraordinary effort to develop it.

That’s why we have created the Mission Statement Tool as part of our “Practical Strategy” toolkit and -workshops for departments. Using it, teams are able to successfully create mission statements in typically less than an hour – while having meaningful discussions about their organization’s strategy and purpose.

Here are three links to the related resources:

How to Use the Tool

The ultra-quick how-to for the tool (includes download link for the DIN A0-printable PDF)

Click to view!

Mission Tool Intro Video –

Our 3-minute Ockham+ video (beta!) that guides you through the process

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Vision – Mission – Strategy

Helpful context. As so often nicely explained by AHA!’s Brian de Haaff

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 Sometimes the results have unintended but helpful side effects: “Now I am finally able to explain to my family what we are doing here in one sentence!”

Have a great weekend!